About Us

Our Mission is to Uplift your Revenue

MP – Strategic Marketing (MPSM) is a new and unique digital marketing agency that combines data-driven marketing insights with innovative and actionable marketing strategies and designs including paid media based in Orlando, FL, USA. Our team of professionals are ready to assist your e-commerce/online store with more traffic, more engagement and more conversion, contact us today!

We are excited to take your brands on a full digital landscape journey telling their own unique stories in a very creative way for the digital universe.

Our agency provides reasonably priced professional digital marketing services such as: (match the already provided)

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Or PPC
Social Media Marketing (SMM)
Web Development
Content Writing
Branding Development
Event Management

MPSM mission is clear, to WOW our clients with our expertise of combining data-driven market insights with digital marketing strategies that increases traffic and conversion to website for CPG (consumer product goods) brands with an online/e-commerce store.  Our goal is to provide solutions by discussing the problems in real-time, provide digital insights for category, brand and competitive set for a defined target customer group with lifestyle segmentation.  We effectively develop a 4 digital map to grow organic and appealing provisions for customers to increase their sales and bring them positive ROI results.

So without any hesitancy and delay, contact us now so we can execute our data-driven marketing strategies to assist you in reaching your sales goals.

We are a team of industry leaders with a shared passion of creating strategic marketing strategies that activate the buyer and inspire brand loyalty through our data-driven marketing strategies.

We strive to deliver measurable results using creative and innovative designs filled with searchable content.   Our diverse skills in analytics, marketing and strategy are represented in the diversity of the innovative and interactive data-driven digital marketing strategies and designs.  We strive for long-lasting client relationships based on validity with an open-door communication flow.

MPSM is working towards becoming one of the industry leaders in digital marketing research and data-driven marketing strategies.

About Company

MP Strategic Marketing (MPSM) is a diverse team of professionals leading in digital market research digital data-driven marketing strategies and designs.  MP Strategic Marketing focuses on strategic planning for consumer product goods (CPG) companies with an e-commerce/online store presence.   MPSM digital marketing strategies help build a stronger sustainable digital footprint with the combination of syndicated and survey data-driven research results coupled with innovative and interactive marketing designs with a proven success model that activates the buyer and inspires brand loyalty through data driven marketing and development campaigns from concept through execution and measurement.

Our results strengthen the validity with our clients making us one of the fastest growing digital marketing agencies in Orlando, FL USA.